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NEWPORT Unisex belt

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Enhance your style with the NEWPORT Belt, an authentic expression of class and
robustness. Made with fine oiled Old England leather, this belt
adds grit to every outfit, featuring a height of 3.5 cm. The robustness
intrinsic ensures unparalleled durability over time.

The suede version , with Nubuck lining, exudes a vintage elegance,
hiding a precious soul and offering a sensation of softness and
delicacy to the touch. In compliance with aesthetic standards, in this model they are
the seams have been eliminated and replaced with special glues.

The red variant , however, is made of Alaska leather. Thanks to the treatment a
wax, Alaska leather gives vitality to the skin, protects it from humidity and, with the
natural polish resulting from daily use, develops a more intense color in the
time. Waxing leather, an ancient practice, helps protect against stains and
to give greater resistance and durability to leather garments.

Remember to indicate your size in the order, and don't miss the tutorial for one
flawless closure.

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NEWPORT Unisex belt
NEWPORT Unisex belt
NEWPORT Unisex belt
NEWPORT Unisex belt