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Umberto Carà, creator of the brand, welcomes you to the kingdom of genuine leather belts and excellent buckles.
Each of our 5 collections is the symbol of a world rich in images and emotions enhanced by leathers with timeless value.
With an absolute dedication to detail and the constant search for perfection, the T AFTIK brand offers not only belts, but authentic jewels to wear with pride and style. Our philosophy is based on an approach oriented towards exclusivity and respect for the Italian artisan tradition. That's why we have selected a group of craftsmen who possess extraordinary talent in creating leather belt buckles for men and women. Their technology is known as Reticube Laser Technology. Their secret? The ability to weave intricate 3D designs using a laser that can sculpt a cage-like structure , creating a solid and sturdy buckle. These wonderful works are not only innovative and durable, but also have a unique and eye-catching design.
Laser Reticube Technology is an innovative manufacturing process that creates strong, three-dimensional buckles with subframes, all inside a hollow cage.
Proudly Made in Italy, each product is handcrafted with a unique design.

Custom Projects and tailor-made men's and women's belts.

Committed to the exclusive use of the highest quality materials, we ensure that our creations are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also durable enough to withstand the most intense wear and tear.

"Each belt is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Our quality guarantee ensures that every customer receives a product that exceeds expectations." Umberto Cara

We create tailor-made belts and buckles, adapting perfectly to the individual needs of each customer, overcoming the limits of design.
Contact us to have your unique belt, created especially for you.
Our craftsmen dedicate competence, passion and enthusiasm to every stage of the process, strictly respecting the principles and distinctive code of ethics of our brand. With this commitment, we work tirelessly to create a circular economy based on authentic values.
Discover our collections of handcrafted leather belts for men and women, an authentic expression of Italian style: explore the world of Umberto Carà's genuine leather belts, where Italian craftsmanship meets timeless elegance.

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THE EXOTIC BELT: a combination of elegance and mystery that embodies Italian craftsmanship.

3D RETICUBE TECHNOLOGY: creative example of innovation that highlights Umberto Carà's exclusive approach in the creation of signature buckles.

URBAN ETNIC: journey through the cultures of the world with the real leather belts from the Urban Etnic collection by Umberto Carà.